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Please help raise money for Roselle Frey Thies cancer treatment expenses for her travel to treatment and insurance deductibles and co-pays

I am sure like Kevin and I, you are extremely busy people and cannot always visit or take a meal to her. I think that this is the best way we can all help!

We hope to find a cure for breast and all types of cancer but what Rose needs right now is help with expenses relating to her travel for treatment and insurance deductibles and co-pays. A special account has been setup by Rose to use for her expenses and that is where all of the money donated will be deposited.

Rose's Story
In January 2008 Rose was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. She was treated at UH with chemotherapy, radiation and a mastectomy. She was given a hopeful outlook and the doctors felt like they had got it all.

In November 2009, she found that the cancer had indeed spread to her bones, spine, chest and leg. She was given an optimistic 2 years to live. Our family was crushed and sadness fell over everything. We could never imagine life without our mom and grandmother of 8 (soon to be 9).

To make matters worse, her insurance provider was changed and they would no longer pay for her to be treated at UH. The doctors also told her that there was nothing they could do and that any treatment would not prolong her life.

Fortunately, she found Cancer Treatment Centers of America. They told her that it COULD be treated and they could substantially prolong her life and give her, her life back. She went back on Chemo and bone strengthening medicine around when Alexander was born in 2009.

By May, the tumors had decreased by 50%! She was put on hormone maintenance to keep the cancer in remission. Unfortunately, tragedy struck our family in two ways. We found out Alexander would have to have open-heart surgery in 2 months to repair a hole between his ventricles and Rose was dealt a major blow. The short time she had been on the hormone only, the tumors had again increased in size by 75%. She went back on chemotherapy immediately.

The doctors have now told her that to survive, she must be on Chemo the rest of her life or risk it spreading to her vital organs and killing her. Anyone who has been through Chemo knows that it is both a wonderful and horrible medicine.

Here is where the problem begins. Each Chemo treatment costs around 100,000. Yes, I was stunned the first time I saw her bills. Her insurance was picking up the tab and she only had co-pays and moderate deductibles to pay. The Cancer Treatment Centers of America paid for her flights and stays in Illinois during treatment. When Rose was forced to quit her job, she was also forced to go on Full Disability and make Medicare her primary insurance. Now, the hospital is legally barred from paying for her flights or stays because Medicare considers it collusion. They consider Cancer Treatment Centers of America out-of-network and are charging Rose 20% of her treatment costs.

With Don losing his business to the economy in 2009 and Rose out of work, there is no money left to pay for these expenses and it puts her ability to keep up with her treatments, which keep her alive, in serious jeopardy. NO ONE should have to die or go into financial ruin just to get the treatment (which we know works!) because of the inability to pay these extreme costs. Rose has been trying to keep up with paying them every month, but it has now come down to that she has no more money left.

PLEASE PLEASE Help us save our Mother, Grandmother, Wife, Sister, Aunt, Niece.
Give whatever you can or at least pass on the website to others. You may be a stranger looking to help someone in need. A family member who doesn't know how to help. Or a survivor who wants to give the gift of life just as you were.

Kevin and I and the boys thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us to save her.

Kevin, Loren, Antonio and Alexander Frey

PS: Don Thies will be having an Inaugural Fundraiser for Rose on October 23rd at their home. It is a Halloween Costume Party and Fundraiser. If you would like to attend, please contact Don at or to mail a donation or card, send to:
Roselle Thies
6595 Cheryl Ann Dr.
Independence, OH 44131
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