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Cheyenne and Ryan, owners of a young, liver problematic cat are reaching out to everyone. All donations go toward Oci’s veterinary expenses.

Our small bodied, full of young life and ripened with love Oci has recently become stricken with severe liver problems. It is turning both his life and ours upside down. He is only about 3 years old which is uncommonly young to have problems with the liver. It was sudden, and of course devastating, and we are trying to cope emotionally and sensibly while being financially challenged. It is curable however too much for us to cover alone.

My fiancé and I have owned animals all of our life but none have leeched onto our hearts quite like our little striped and swirled pattern tabby; Oci. About three years ago he was found outside of a friend’s home and taken back to our house where he would find new friendship in my cat, Ray, and best friendship in my fiancé, Ryan. Ryan was unemployed at the time and to conserve money we would hardly go out, so the relationship between him and my fiancé rapidly strengthened. My older cat, Ray, is not the playful spirit like he once was so Oci could only find playtime with Ryan, and he never passes up a playful kitten! He even got to go outside on a harness and leash. Essentially, they spent every hour of their days together.

It wasn’t until my fiancé left for a month long job that Oci began showing charm and affection to me. It was the first morning when I woke up to that “feeling” of something staring straight through me. I opened my eyes and to my disbelief, and confusion, Oci was staring at me about 10 inches from my face. He reached out a furry white-toed paw and patted my nose. It was as if he was thinking “what’s going on here?” and he proceeded to do so every day for a week or so. This is where our friendship finally bloomed and has kept blossoming for another 2 ½ years.

My fiancé, a Star Wars fan, began calling him Oci Wan Kenoci, which has really stuck as his nickname and a title that would be too short lived if he doesn’t get the help he needs; this is where I conceived the fundraising title ‘Oci’s Only Hope’ for our young feline, because this really is his only hope! I have looked for other means of financial support and this is the only place we have to ask for all the help we can get.

My fiancé has a credit card and a Care Credit card, both that are nearly maxed out due to the vet bills for our cherished Oci. My fiancé is 25, I am 24, and we’re trying to get into college as well. His family has helped as much as they can, but they can’t help anymore. My side does not have the finances to help at all.

Thank you for any help you can give; it is immensely and genuinely appreciated!

If you would prefer to send a check by mail you may do so by reaching Cheyenne Youngblood, the representative for Oci at the mailing address 400 ½ 2nd Apt 2-A Ave Gallipolis, OH 45631.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to the representative you may reach her at 740-645-8313.

If you would like to speak to Oci's veterinarian for a confirmation of this fundraiser and his illness you may reach Dr. Kirkpatrick at (304) 675-1270, his current vet, and Dr. Cruden at (304) 525-8387, which is his previous vet that also handled Oci in the beginning of his illness.

Thank you again!
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