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Family and friends uniting to raise money to benefit Liam Stine. Please watch the video on the left under his picture and read his story.

Liam was born in December 2010. Little did anyone know that this precious angel would have such an impact on so many lives. He was born at full term with a natural birth and he was perfect! He did every thing just right. However, in March of 2011 the world came to a stop for him and his family. At only 3 months old he suffered a cluster of seizures. His neurologist diagnosed him with infantile spasms and ordered an MRI. Infantile spasms is a catastrophic form of childhood epilepsy, which are the seizures accompanied by a hypsarrythmia brain wave pattern. This chaotic pattern makes it impossible for children to continue to develop. After a very abnormal MRI on March 18, 2011, it showed cerebral atrophy in both hemispheres and cerebellum. He was suspected to have mitochondrial disease, yet we are still not positive. Liam's seizures were daily, each one lasting 1-2 seconds, but can occur once or in a cluster of 5-200. He was hospitalized for 3 weeks in March 2011 (3 months old) to control seizures. He awoke unable to suck from a bottle and hold his head up on his own. He then had to have an NG tube, naso-gastric tube, placed through his nose to his stomach in order to receive food. For a while he seemed to be showing improvement. He was making eye contact, holding his head straight, laughing and smiling. However, in August 2011 his seizures returned. Liam was suffering through 100-200 seizures per day. He had to start ACTH steroid treatment for weeks. This completely stopped the seizures but also had an unusual side effect and Liam slept 23 hours a day for 5 straight weeks. He has not smiled or laughed since August 19th 2011.

On October 2nd 2011, Liam stopped breathing. He had to be resuscitated and rushed to Children’s Healthcare. This precious baby had to be intubated and given another MRI. It showed more cerebral atrophy, this time it was midbrain and his brainstem, and the ventricles were enlarging to make up for the volume loss of brain matter. After 3+ weeks being hospitalized, he was discharged able to breathe on his own. He had a difficult time tolerating foods so he was then scheduled for a procedure to get a gtube.

2012 has been even more difficult for Liam. When you and I get a cold it is very easy to overcome. He has had a few that have lasted weeks and weeks. He has very low muscle tone in his body and cannot cough or expel mucus properly. His seizures are still 1-3 a day. It causes him to be irritable and cry for hours. He is often very sick right after a seizure. Liam is still such a beautiful little boy, precious in every way. At 20 months old, after 5 MRI’s he is still showing progression of cerebral atrophy. The neurologist referred to it as “end stage atrophy”. His brain is dying, and his family has received no definitive answers as to why this has happened to their baby.

Liam has been fighting for his life since he was 3 months old. His family has been fighting along with him. He has a 5 y/o sister that just wants to be able to play with her brother and grow up alongside of him. His parents are devastated for their son being robbed of his life. More than anything they want to spread awareness. I, along with many others, have been so touched by this family. They are selfless and have the kindest of hearts, they are gentle and loving, and stay so positive and strong. All they ever ask is for people to have awareness and to pray for their precious angel son.

Liam’s life will end entirely too soon, however they are still paying for so many procedures and medicines that he requires to keep him comfortable. So I am asking for anyone and everyone to please help me to help this family in a time of struggle for them. They need financial assistance that they cannot receive elsewhere.

If you want to read his entire story or learn more about Liam and his amazing family you can visit:

If you would like to send a check or money order instead of donating here or if you’d like to speak to a family representative please feel free to email

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