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Helping Elisse Jensen, a child with a congential heart disease known as ASD with Sinus Venous defect. Donate to her journey!

Helping Elisse Jensen, a child with a congential heart disease known as ASD with Sinus Venous defect. ♥ If you would like to donate please donate on PayPal at

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Her name is Elisse Valentina Jensen born on March 11, 2011. She has been diagnosed with sinus venous Arterial Septal Defect that requires open-heart surgery. She is a happy girl who enjoys dogs, riding trains, riding carousels, watching Dora, Yo Gabba Gabba, Bubble Guppies, Mickey Mouse and LOVES TO DANCE. In August of 2011 her brother Eli Adam Jensen was admitted to St. Joseph's Hospital in Tampa for difficulty breathing. Eli was a loving, happy, two year old little boy. For the most part he was healthy he never got sick except for the occasional runny nose once or twice. We assumed it was Asthma, because he was already on medication for it. It also happens to be in the family. After being in and out of the hospital that month with no answers on how he couldn't maintain his Oxygen well towards the end of August he was admitted to All Children's Hospital for the remainder of his life. A lung biopsy confirmed Eli had Interstitial Lung Disease. A rare lung disease in many forms that causes scarring of the lung tissue making it difficult for air exchange causing the organs to eventually falter and shut down. There is no cure for this disease, but in some cases can be managed. Most cases of this disease require a lung transplant. They wanted to trial Eli on hopes that he wouldn't have to endure a lung transplant by allowing him to go home with supplemental Oxygen and steroid medications. He was on several medications to manage his life style to prevent his disease from becoming worse. After he was sent home his lung collapsed, and was forced to be readmitted to All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg. He developed Pulmonary Hypertension a very serious event that attacked his lungs and heart. Eli had state Medicaid that made it difficult to act fast in terms of medical treatment. The hospital had to send Eli out of state to get his double lung transplant, because in the state of Florida no child under the age of five can receive a lung transplant. Two months of debating on getting him out to the state to Texas, which were the doctors also working on his case, because they were experts in interstitial lung disease. Eli was eventually sedated into a coma and put on machines that prevented him to travel. We prayed for him to be strong enough to come out so we could get him out of there. He eventually lost his life to the terrible disease four months after being admitted his first time into the hospital for this issue on November 25th, 2011. Three weeks after his third birthday he celebrated in the hospital. Four and a half months after Eli’s passing the autopsy yielded us no answers on how the disease started or where it came from. It was a genetic anomaly because his type of disease was not passed on in the family. The experts couldn’t define what cause his life to be taken from us. It was just “Respiratory Failure” from the disease that no one knew anything about. In January we began to evaluate Elisse to rule out she does not have the same disease Eli had. At first it began with an X-Ray of her lungs. The X-Ray revealed she had enlarged lymph nodes in her lungs, which could mean a number of things. Her mother noticed that her Heart also appeared enlarged. We then pursued to have a CT scan of her lungs. What appeared was atelectasis in the lungs with some haziness. She also appeared to have Cardiomegaly, which is an “Enlarged Heart.” Elisse then had an Echocardiography that confirmed she had a hole in her heart. Her hole is 10mm which is too large to heal on it’s own which some holes in the heart do at some point. They named it Arterial Septal Defect with Sinus Venous, which means the placement of one of her veins coming from her lungs is misplaced near the hole. Since the position of the hole is towards the top of her heart and the hole is considered large, this causes her to have to open heart surgery. Her right side of her heart appeared to be dilated which is the beginning stage of Pulmonary Hypertension, which is common to those with ASD with Sinus Venous Defect. Doctors advised that she goes out of state for surgery in case they encounter a problem with her lungs, since her ct did show partial collapse. Placing her on a bypass machine will be difficult and life threatening if an issue with her lungs occur and Boston Children’s Hospital not only is number 1 in pediatric cardiology but they can also deal and transplant lungs if needed, so we wont be stuck like we did with her brother Eli. Yes, there are many born with heart defects and live a normal healthy life, but the doctors said the only surgical option for Elisse would be Open Heart Surgery. Elisse is being sent to Boston, Massachusetts on July 23rd to be evaluated by experts. If you would like to donate to Elisse’s medical expenses please donate at All donations will be used towards: -Airfare -Food -Housing fare -Transportation costs -Her Surgery -Follow up care -Medications We are preplanning for the events to come instead of waiting too late. Thanks and God Bless


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