Success, accomplishment and joy.

A few stories that prove anything is possible.

Success takes many forms

To us, success isn't a word. It's not a benchmark. And it surely isn't a standard. In our eyes, success is simply changing someone's world for the better. Regardless of how much money is raised or the amount of press one of our fundraisers may end up getting, every positive moment that we help create is a big success.

“I just want to say that this has been a wonderful experience. GiveForward made it possible for me to not only help my best friend but also to show her how much she is loved. She said the website was what really kept her going through all of this.” Melinda Clarke,
Raised $4,825 for Why Not Rose
“I was humbled by how many people reached out to me, who didn't even know me,” Coffaro said. “There are no words to describe that feeling.”

Project Amelia has raised $64,912 in an effort organized by the photographer's friends to help her battle with breast cancer.

“I never thought we would get above $1,000, it seemed a pipe dream. This whole process has held the family up and given them so much through such a stressful time. The well wishes alone have been such a source of joy for Brandon and Cathy. Just the thought alone that so many really care is overwhelming to them all.” Lauren Button,
Raised $4,773 for A Kidney For Cathy
“I could never have done this with my health, but because of the generosity of others, we're going to be able to focus on declaring our love for one another in a way we never dreamed possible.” Jen Bulick
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Jen Bulick’s Life Fund raised $57,667 to help her with medical expenses as she battled stage IV lung cancer. It was started by a wedding organizer who also helped the couple put on a dream wedding using donated items and services.

Two victims of the Boston Marathon bombings, Patrick and Jess rallied the entire nation and raised an astronomical $882,548 to help them with the lifetime costs of their injuries.

“Generosity and support have flowed from people who have known us all of our lives to those whom we have yet to meet. From the overwhelming financial generosity to the countless messages of inspiration, there is evidence at every turn that we are not alone.
Thank you; you have lifted our spirits.” Jess Kensky,
From a GiveForward update on their fundraising page
Patrick and Jess
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Tony and Ashley met in a cancer ward and became friends. When their cancers relapsed, they each started a GiveForward page for the other.
Ashley Krueger

Ashley's Journey raised $21,690.
It was started by Tony Colton to help her battle two cancers and a bone marrow transplant.

Tony Colton

Tony's Triumph raised $9,269.
It was started by Ashley Krueger to thank him for her fundraiser and help him battle Clear Cell Sarcoma.

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Whose world will you change?