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Updating Your Fundraising Site: How to Keep People Interested In Your Page

No matter how much time & energy you invest in your fundraising page, at some point you will reach a lull in donations.  Understand that this is totally normal!  Visits to your fundraising site may plateau because friends and family get distracted and busy.  You can capture their attention and gain supporters by proving an update.  Here are 4 additional things to re-energize your fundraising efforts.

1)    Upload a Video to Your Fundraising Page

If a picture can say a thousand words, a video can say a million. Create a short video (3 to 4 minutes is best!) introducing the person you are raising money for & explain why you are passionate about this cause.  For an even more powerful video, get others to talk about why they care.  Upload your video to your fundraising site and make it easy for supporters to share it.  For example, a group of elementary students rallied around their teacher & created a very powerful video called Driving Mrs. M.

2)    Speak to Local Groups

Reach out to local news organizations and share your story.  While you may not hear a response immediately (or at all) sometimes local newspapers or news stations will cover personal stories.  Think about the organizations, groups, or churches you belong to and ask if you could speak for a moment before the next meeting.   Share your story, explaining why you are passionate about the cause and direct them to your fundraising page where they can learn more.

3)    Post an Update on your Fundraising Page

Update your fundraising site.  Share a recent milestone, or a medical update about the beneficiary.  By letting your supporters know how much they have already achieved, they’ll become more excited about  helping you cross the finish line.  On most fundraising sites, an update will automatically email all your supporters, bringing them back to your page.

4)    Gather a Team

Two heads are always better than one.  When you recruit a friend to help, you have two brains thinking of creative ways to help, and gain access to two networks.  Find a friend you trust, who is going to have time to help you, and is just as passionate as you are and invite them to join your fundraising team.

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