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Fundraising Consulting Firms and Consultants

Fundraising Consulting Firms

If you’re seeking out a fundraising consulting firm to help make your next fundraiser a wild success, we’d recommend checking out a few of the list items below. These specific firms are great for business-to-business fundraisers as well as helping plan and manage fundraising around specific causes and organizations.

Photo of Erica Trzeciak, GiveForward Fundraising Consultant

Fundraising Consultants

If however you’re looking for advice on how to plan, start and manage a fundraiser on behalf of a specific individual rather than broader causes or organizations, GiveForward could be your answer. In-house, we have an amazing team of fundraising coaches whose sole job is to help guide your next fundraising effort.


Photo of Michael Powell, GiveForward Fundraising Consultant

Think of coaches as your own personal fundraising consultant at your service to make sure your next fundraising experience is as seamless and worthwhile as possible. To date, our coaches have helped GiveForward’s fundraising organizers raise over $28 million for individuals in need of financial support for medical, pet medical, disaster-relief and funeral/memorial expenses.


From setting up your fundraiser to tips and insights into proven ways to take your fundraiser to the next level, our fundraising consultants (coaches) are here to help. Best of all, they’re super talented and completely free to use for help. At GiveForward we believe that guiding our users and doing all that we can to help their fundraiser succeed is the very reason people keeping choosing our service.

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