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Need Financial Help

Financial Help

Need financial help after unexpected medical bills? You’re not alone.

need financial help with credit cards62% of all bankruptcies are caused by medical costs and very few resources exist to offer these families financial help.

If you need financial help, you may be tempted to put all expenses on a credit card – resist this urge! Sometimes living with debt is a better financial decision than putting it on plastic.

Here are 6 purchases you should never put on your credit card.
1. Medical Bills

Paying for a large medical expense with a credit card can mean huge interest rate fees if you are unable to pay off the bill at the end of the month. Rather than cause a larger financial hardship, talk to your hospital about payment plans that have lower interest rates than credit cards.

2. Mortgage Payments

Paying one debt off with another source of debt can only lead to more financial hardship. In fact, most mortgages know using a credit card to pay for a mortgage is a bad idea and won’t let you. Don’t be fooled by third-party services that charge large fees and target those that need financial help.

3. Taxes

Paying the IRS with a credit card can also mean paying extra. Taxpayers who choose to pay with a credit card are hit up with a 2% to 3% fee only increasing your expenses.

4. College Tuition

The rising cost of higher education has many looking for financial help, but credit cards are not the answer. Few individuals who put a semester worth of expenses on a credit card will be able to pay for it at the end of the month. Universities may have their own assistance programs and financial aid offices with resources.

5. Bills Paid by Mail

Providing credit card through the mail can open you up to fraud. Pay the bill online or over the phone to prevent your information from being stolen.

6. Charitable Donations

While you may have the best of interests, when you donate with a credit card, you are actually donating the bank’s money- not your own. The donation can incur interest leaving you with a higher expense than you planned to give.

While you may believe placing expenses on a credit card can help with finances, in reality credit cards only delay the expenses, and oftentimes allow it to grow. If you need help with finances, keep these 6 items off your credit card and find other methods of payment.

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