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Need Help Paying Bills

Get Help Paying Bills

In times of crises, many families struggle with paying bills. A medical illness or a natural disaster can leave a family in need of help.

Help Paying Medical Bills

It is estimated that 60% of bankruptcy cases filed in the U.S. are the result of medical debts.  Unexpected or even routine medical care can cause thousands of dollars in medical bills. While, national and local programs exist, it may be hard to qualify and could take months to receive bill assistance.

Consider starting a GiveForward fundraiser for a friend or family member who needs help paying medical bills. The Team John Fundraiser raised over $44,000 to help his family pay for medical bills his family faced.

Help Paying Bills after a Disaster

Large and national disasters gain attention from organizations and find millions of dollars in donations.  Smaller, personal disasters such as home fires or flooding, however, can leave a family stranded with many bills and few options to pay them.

The Forster family used GiveForward to raise $27,000 after their home in Staten Island was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy.  Many of the funds will go to help paying bills and rebuilding a new home.

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