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Fundraising for Medical Expenses

GiveForward’s personalized fundraising pages are the easiest way to support a loved one in need.  Whether fundraising for cancer, medical equipment, a transplant or diabetes, GiveForward empowers people to alleviate the financial burden of a medical crisis.

A GiveForward page is much more than just a way to raise money.  It is an answer for friends and family who ask “what more can I do?”   It is an entire team of fundraising coaches and support staff who are here to help you or your loved one get on the road to recovery.  We know how important it is for patients to focus on getting better.  A GiveForward page can help ease the the financial toll and stress caused by a serious medical condition.

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The easy-to-use pages allow users to:

  • Update friends and family on progress,
  • Invite friends from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to participate,
  • Post event information,
  • Leave words of encouragement,
  • Link to other blog sites,
  • And, most importantly, it allows users to support their loved ones, no matter how far away they are.

Beyond Technology

We promise there are actual people behind this website, and more importantly, people who you can answer your questions through our Customer Service support team (we don’t have a phone number, but if you email info@giveforward someone will reply to you within 24 hours).

The GiveForward team is your personal fundraising team.  We are a small, passionate group of people who want to help others. Whether it is one-on-one coaching, help setting up your page or even navigating social media, we want you to know that we are here to answer all of your questions whether it is via email, livechat, messenger pigeon, smoke signal or Batsignal.

GiveForward’s focus is to turn a negative situation into an opportunity for the community to come together in support of a loved one.  It is no secret that many people feel embarrassed when they need to ask for financial help, but thanks to GiveForward and crowdfunding, the way we feel about giving is changing.

A 2001 study states “a general consensus among help-seeking researchers … supports the notion that some individuals forego help because of a perceived low level of social competence” (Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education).

GiveForward is dedicated to breaking this perception.  GiveForward’s philosophy is that too often, people are comfortable with giving gifts of money during times of celebration such as a graduation or marriage but during times of real need, like a critical illness, people are afraid to give financial help. GiveForward fundraising pages make providing financial support easier for everyone involved.   With a GiveForward page, beneficiaries can feel more comfortable asking for support and donors know that their help is welcome and appreciated.

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