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Lung Cancer Fundraisers

Lung Cancer Fundraisers

Lung cancer fundraisers can be a great way to raise awareness and funds for a loved one in need. Few people realize that more Americans die from lung cancer than from breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer combined. In addition, lung cancer continues to be one of the most expensive cancers to treat with expected life-time costs of treatment between $59,000 and $200,000.

Organizing a fundraiser for a friend or family member battling Lung Cancer can allow you to show financial and emotional support and raise awareness about the disease.

4 Steps to Organizing a Lung Cancer Fundraiser

     1. Find your Inspiration
Find a person who inspires you to be the beneficiary, or the recipient of the donations. Maybe you have a co-worker who is bravely battling lung cancer, or a cousin who has just be diagnosed. Choosing one person to rally around will help excite supporters and help them understand exactly where their donations will go.
     2. Gather a TeamLung Cancer Fundraisers
Fundraising is fun with friends. Increase your network of supporters, and decrease your work load by inviting team members and assigning tasks. Decide on the type of fundraiser together, and then delegate tasks. Regularly check-in to make sure all team members are on the same page.
     3. Share Knowledge
Because so many families will be affected by lung cancer, make certain that part of your fundraising effort educates people about how to reduce cancer risks. Organize a speaker or simply share a URL that provides more information about preventative measures.
     4. Collect donations
Determine how you will collect donations either before, during or after the event. Also, decide what forms of payment you will receive. An online fundraising website may be an easy way to collect donations from supporters near and far. Research the best fundraising website for your cause.

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