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Medical Fundraiser

6 Steps to a Successful Medical Fundraiser

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A medical fundraiser is different from any other type of fundraiser for one fundamental reason: It represents a person’s ability to care for his or her own physical well-being.

Illness is stressful, physically and emotionally taxing, and finances are the last thing someone who is trying to heal should have to worry about. But unfortunately, medical care isn’t free – many people will face staggering medical bills due to prolonged illness.

It can be hard for friends and family to show support for a loved one when they’re sick. They may not know how to help, or even if they can. But starting an online medical fundraiser for a friend battling illness is one of the easiest ways to show support and help cover a chunk of their medical expenses.

Online fundraising sites allow individuals to customize their fundraising pages and share them with friends and family from across the world, who can then donate money to help a loved one pay for medical bills and out-of-pocket expenses.

By personalizing your fundraising page and spreading it like wildfire through social media, you can raise thousands of dollars.  Before starting, however, it is critically important to organize a medical fundraising plan.

At GiveForward, we’ve been specializing in medical fundraising for years and we know what works and what doesn’t. So let us give you some pointers on how to make sure your fundraiser is a success.

1. Harness the power in numbers

Raising money can be a big investment for a single person – a good fundraiser will take some time and commitment. So to break up the work, build a fundraising team. In addition to sharing the leg work, fundraising with a team creates a larger network of potential donors. Each team member will share the fundraiser with their network, so the more team members you add, the more people your fundraiser will reach.

2. Set the donation bar high

If you can afford to do so, set the tone of the fundraiser by making the first donation yourself. By donating first, you can show how passionate you are about your cause. Pro tip: Most potential donors base their donation amount (or whether they will donate at all) based on previous donations. So if you set an example by donating a large sum, other donations that size are likely to follow.

3. Get by with a little help from friends

One of the first things you should do when you create your medical fundraiser is send a personal message to a handful of the beneficiary’s closest friends asking them to make some of the first donations. Even before you share your fundraiser on social media, this initial outreach will make a significant dent in your fundraising goal. And as mentioned above, getting a few large donations in the first few days will set the tone for the rest of your fundraiser, creating momentum and encouraging more friends to participate.

4. Share, share, share

Okay, so now you’re ready to blast your fundraiser over social media. Facebook and Twitter can be important resources in garnering more attention to your fundraising page. Encourage others to spread the word by posting the link to your fundraiser on their page. But don’t neglect your fundraiser after you’ve initially made it – make sure you keep posting text, photo and video updates periodically to keep people engaged and interested.

5. Be persistent

Not everyone will be able to (or remember to) donate the first time you ask them to. But don’t be discouraged – instead, be persistent and keep asking. If Facebook and Twitter aren’t working for you, try to revert to personal emails, which can often be the most effective way to get donations, especially if you include fundraiser milestones or updates on the beneficiary.

6. Finish your medical fundraiser with a bang

In the last few days before your fundraising deadline, reach out to any friends that have not donated or posted a comment on the page. Let your supporters know of additional ways to show love by directing them to an Amazon Wish List you linked to the fundraiser. Finally, and most importantly, make sure to thank everyone for their support!

By following this simple 6-step plan, you can have a successful medical fundraiser and raise money to cover medical expenses for you, a family member or a friend!

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