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Medical Bills Bankruptcy

An Alternative to Medical Bills Bankruptcy

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Bankruptcy due to Medical Bills

Medical bills bankruptcy is too often a reality in the U.S. today. While the percentage of bankruptcy due to medical bills is commonly debated, some experts peg this number as high as 62%. If you or someone you know is facing medical bill bankruptcy, we’d recommend fundraising online for medical expenses as an alternative to filing.

Fundraising Online Instead

In the last few years, fundraising online and crowdfunding have become popular alternatives to filing a medical bill bankruptcy. These approaches offer an extraordinary solution to paying medical bills with virtually no downside.

Starting a fundraising page for a loved one is an amazing way to offer both financial and emotional support to anyone dealing with a medical illness. Setting up a fundraising page only takes minutes, and because of the technology incorporated into the pages, a fundraiser’s organizer is quickly able to tap into their broadest possible networks to spread awareness around the fundraising effort. Seamless integration with social media applications such as Facebook and Twitter as well as email makes sharing your fundraiser and encouraging people to donate easier than ever before.

If you or someone you know is considering filing a medical bills bankruptcy, we’d encourage checking out our site. We’re a one-stop shop for medical fundraising, and as of January 2013, have helped thousands of families raise over $30 million for medical bills.

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