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How to Do a Fundraiser

How to Do Online Fundraising

Wondering how to do a fundraiser? We’ve put together this helpful guide with tips on how to do fundraising the right way.

A screen cap illustrating the easiest way to do a fundraiser

1. Go Online

Make the web the center of your fundraising effort. This will dramatically increase your ability to spread the word and reach a large audience. Whether you have friends or family in different areas of the country or are just looking for the most effective way to reach the broadest audience possible, email and social media tools make it simple to do. Fundraising online also makes for a well-organized and easy donation process. With GiveForward’s fundraising pages, people can donate with a few simple clicks and the money stays safe and secure in one place.

2. Find a Fundraising Team

The more people you have talking about your fundraiser, the better. All of your friends will have access to different networks and the more you can harness this power, the larger the audience that becomes aware of your fundraising effort. We recommend a team of 3-4 fundraising organizers. A team of 3 to 4 people will help a fundraiser reach its full potential without becoming too difficult to manage.

3. Donate First

Give your fundraiser the early momentum it deserves. Be the first person to donate so that when you invite others to donate, they see that a donation has already occurred. People are more inclined to donate when they see that others have already done so.

4. Start Small

Don’t broadcast your fundraiser to the world too soon. We recommend online fundraising with a small and specific group first. Start by reaching out to the people most likely to donate- close friends and family. Once you’ve secured some early donations, then start tapping into larger networks such as co-workers or classmates. For the same reason we recommend donating first, we also recommend starting small and growing your fundraiser incrementally.

5. Embrace Social

Facebook is your very best, most dearest, and darling friend. Publish wall posts continuously and send direct messages informing your friends about your fundraising effort. Embrace social media as a way to communicate all that’s going on with your fundraiser.

6. Stay Persistent

Our fundraisers average 9-10 weeks in length. While some fundraisers are wildly successful and only last 1-2 weeks, it’s best to prepare for the long haul. Understand that the idea of doing a fundraiser is exciting to both you and potential donors at the start of your fundraiser. Eventually though, most fundraisers hit a lull where donations and momentum slow. Don’t let this get you down! Use a lull as another opportunity to get creative and find new ways to engage donors.

7. Thank Donors Often

Donors are the lifeblood of your fundraiser. Without them, you can’t be successful. Thank them and thank them often. Their contributions are what keep you going. Remember, no one ever got upset for being thanked too often!

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