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Help Paying Veterinary Bills

Help When Paying Veterinary Bills

Americans will spend $13.6 billion on veterinary care in 2012.  And while a pet owner may feel he or she would do anything to help a furry friend, the resulting vet bills from a pet’s illness leave many looking for help.

People are now looking for more affordable care for their pets, and for resources to help pay vet bills.

The first place to check may be your veterinary office.  Sometimes vets will be able to reduce costs for life-long customers, or create payments plans to spread bills over a longer period of time.

Local shelters may also be able to help.  Some states run subsidized vet clinics and offer services at reduced cots.  In others, however, the law prohibits providing general veterinary services to privately owned animals.  Check what local services are available in your area.   Local social services may also know of available options to help pay vet bills.

Finally, if you are unable to pay for all necessary bills, veterinarians we spoke to said to make sure you take care of the necessities.

These include:

  • Vaccinations
  • Spay/Neuter
  • De-worming
  • Heart worm preventions

Learn about how one pet owner raised $10,000 in 10 hours to help pay with her vet bills.

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