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Patient Site (PatientSite) for Medical Bills

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What Is A Patient Site?

A “patient site” (or “PatientSite”) is an amazing way to bring together your friends, family and online networks to support a loved one going through a health event. While there are multiple online providers, GiveForward’s patient site component goes beyond many of the more traditional options.

The GiveForward Difference

We’ve learned that one of the most extraordinary ways to help a loved one navigating a medical crisis is to provide both financial and emotional support. While traditional patient sites provide a common place to rally in support of a loved one who is sick, GiveForward adds a fundraising component.


Having a place to learn a patient’s story, receive updates, post photos and send words of encouragement can do wonders in providing the support patients deserve and need to overcome their medical woes; however, these things alone do not provide a solution to the expensive cost of medical bills.

According to a May 2013 study, cancer patients are 2.65 times more likely to file for bankruptcy than the average U.S. citizen – and based on the thousands of families fundraising on GiveForward for hundreds of medical conditions, we know cancer patients aren’t alone when it comes to confronting the high cost of healthcare.

How to Create Your Own

Setting up a GiveForward patient site takes just minutes. Each page also integrates seamlessly with web technologies like email, Facebook and other social media platforms – so spreading the word about your site is easy.

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