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Medical Bill Help and Assistance

Medical Bill Assistance is Who We Are

Ashleys Journey is a fundraiser that used GiveForward for medical bill assistance

Medical debt is a key driver of personal bankruptcy. According to a 2009 study from the American Journal of Medicine, medical debt is the contributing cause for 62% of personal bankruptcy filings.

3 bulleted facts from a medical bill and bankruptcy study

Medical debt is a financial burden for thousands of families, so it’s important to know that medical bill help and assistance does exist. In fact, it’s precisely the reason we started GiveForward. We have witnessed firsthand the financial and emotional toll that a serious medical condition can cause. And frankly, we don’t think it is fair for loved ones who is sick to worry about paying bills when the focus should be on getting well.

Here to Help

If you, a friend or family member is in need of medical bill assistance, please know that GiveForward is here to help. To date, we’ve helped thousands of families raise over $30 million for their loved ones in need. We feel proud and fortunate that we can be a resource to alleviate the financial burden for so many families. Yet, our greatest joy comes from the emotional support we see on our fundraising pages each day.

Surely GiveForward provides a financial solution to the devastating cost of medical bills, but equally, we work to empower people to organize fundraisers and bring together entire communities in honor of the people who need their assistance. People helping people: it’s an extraordinary thing.

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