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Help with Burial Expenses

Help with Burial Expenses

Finding help with burial expenses after your loved one passes away can be difficult.  Very few resources are available to assist with burial expenses, and the rules to qualify can be very strict.  Burial assistance for cancer patients can also be difficult to find. Below are a few resources to help you as you consider you options.

  • Most counties or states have rules to assist with burial expenses, but they vary greatly by state and have strict low income level to qualify.  Check with your county treasurer’s office for details.
  • Surviving family members may be able to get a payment of $255 from the Social Security Administration if the deceased meets eligibility requirements.
  • Finally, veterans may qualify for some burial and memorial benefits through the Department of Veteran Affairs.
  • Burial assistance for cancer patients may exist if you contact various cancer organizations.

If you or your loved one does not fall into these categories, the best was to get help with burial expenses is to compare several funeral homes and funeral options.  Please review the Funeral Planning checklist and gather estimates before deciding which burial method, and funeral service to use.

Funeral Planning Checklist

Cecklist to Help with Burial Expenses


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