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Finding Help for Cancer Patients

A man provides help for a cancer patient

Financial Help for People with Cancer

Finding the right resources that provide help for cancer patients is a daunting task. So many organizations and non-profits exist to spread awareness, educate, or offer special services. Figuring out how best to help cancer patients you know personally, however, can involve resources outside of these organizations.

If you have a friend or a loved one fighting cancer, one of the best ways to help, could be starting a fundraiser on their behalf.  Cancer patients have many medical expenses, but also additional expenses outside of doctor bills.  Our fundraising pages are a popular choice among friends and family looking to give financial and emotional support and help for people with cancer.

$9 Million Raised for Cancer Patients

To date, GiveForward has helped over 1,000 families raise nearly 9 million dollars to help cancer patients, not to mention the countless “hugs” people have left in support of those facing cancer.

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