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Unique and Creative Fundraising Ideas

And the winner is…

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite DIY, unique and creative fundraising ideas to help ensure your next fundraiser is a wild success. If you’re still in need of some new fundraising ideas, you’ve come to the right place!

The Jorts4Jay campaign is one of the most unique fundraising ideas we've seen to date

Most Creative Idea

Help Jay Crush Cancer: Jay’s brother-in-law snapped a photo of himself sporting “jorts” (jean shorts) for every time someone donated $50 or more to Jay’s fundraiser. The result? Over $15,000 raised and some extremely dashing photos of a man who dared to take the fashion world by surprise.

Most Unique Idea

Team Stolfi: In the final days of the fundraiser, the family and friends of Michael Stolfi asked supporters to donate $17 to the fundraiser in honor of Michael’s 36th birthday, which took place on November 17th. This last minute unique idea put the fundraiser over the top in reaching their goal of $40,000.

Best New Idea

Healing Caves for Glenn: Glenn’s wife Terri is holding several events to help raise money for her husband’s extreme arthritis. Our favorite:

A night of Christmas Caroling where donors gave $50 in exchange for some lovely Holiday jingles and Christmas cheer brought to their door.

Terri’s goal: 30 houses of caroling followed by a gathering at a bar and a raffle!

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