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Top Successful Fundraising Ideas

Our Top 5 Most Successful Fundraisers

Here’s a list of the top five most successful fundraisers in GiveForward history. We hope they provide the inspiration to help you launch a fundraiser that’s equally as impressive!

Sarah Burke was GiveForward's top most successful fundraiser of all time

1. Sarah Burke

Raised: $311,507

Sarah Burke passed away tragically after a snow skiing accident. Despite this horrible misfortune, the outpouring of support surrounding the fundraiser was truly remarkable. According to Sarah’s amazing friends and family, “Sarah’s legacy and the causes that were important to her will live on through a foundation that is being established on her behalf.”

2. Help Jamil Newirth FIGHT

Raised: $144,390

At the young age of 32, Jamil Newirth was diagnosed with stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme – a cancerous and malignant brain tumor. Jamil’s family began the fundraiser to raise money to pay for the initial medical bills and to support his health regime as he entered a period of extensive treatments.

3. Hayden’s Heroes

Raised: $107,650

Hayden’s Heroes was started out of support for Paula Didonato’s good friend, Chef Gerry Hayden who was diagnosed with ALS (better known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease). They raised money to assist Gerry and his wife with the overwhelming medical expenses that come with having ALS and to find a cure for the disease.

4. Johan Groneman Family

Raised: $87,846

Johan Groneman was diagnosed with stage 4 Renal Carcinoma. Shortly before the fundraiser, Johan had one kidney removed and the fundraiser was started to help pay for further treatment. Incredibly, in just three weeks, people banded together to raise over $80,000 for Johan’s cancer treatment.

5. Project Dimitrios Jimmy Sissakis

Raised: $85,621

Family and friends of Dimitri Sissakis turned to social media and GiveForward to help Dimitri in his battle against cancer. After hundreds of donations and virtual hugs, Dimitri’s family raised over $80,000 to help cover the severe out-of-pocket costs and medical bills that resulted from his cancer.

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