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Quick and Fast Fundraising Ideas

Hurry Up and Fundraise!

Need to get your next fundraiser off the ground in a hurry? Or perhaps you’re just looking for an awesome idea for a last-minute push? Either way, we have a few quick and fast fundraising ideas that are sure to take your fundraiser up a notch in a very timely fashion!

A Kidney for Steve's expense list was an excellent example of a quick and fast fundraising idea

Final Push Idea

Find a Kidney for Kelli: In order to close out their fundraiser with a bang, the organizers of this fundraiser decided to rally supporters and ask that “500 people give $31 by the 31st of the month” to help reach their goal. It was a catchy idea that was easy for supporters to remember. They raised over $10,000 and this one quick idea helped them do it.

Expense List Idea

A Kidney for Steve: Sometimes the best fundraising ideas can be quick while also being extremely effective. One example: include an itemized list of expenses associated with the fundraising effort right into your fundraiser’s description.

Steve’s wife turned to GiveForward when Steve was in need of a kidney. To make the experience easier to grasp for potential donors, she gave examples of the things donations would help pay for. From co-pays to gas to hospital stays, the list was a fast way to give people insight into the financial burden Steve was facing. It helped people to understand how much their donation could really help.

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