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Ideas for Fundraising Events

The #1 Fundraising Tip We Give

Hayden's Heroes had the idea for a culinary-inspired fundraising event

Over the years, we’ve noticed patterns among many of the most successful fundraisers we’ve hosted. While much of the power of GiveForward deals with leveraging technology to reach more donors faster, one of the most advantageous things a fundraiser’s organizer can do is hold offline events to benefit all of their online fundraising efforts.

Amazingly, organizers who hold an offline event are 43% more likely to raise $5,000 or more.

And even though throwing such a benefit makes for a bit of extra work, many of the best events we’ve seen are quite simple. Inviting friends and family out for a bar night, dinner gathering, bowling party or poker tournament could be all it takes to put your fundraiser over the top.

How to Throw a Fundraiser Event

An excellent place to start when planning an event is to think about your potential donors- what are some of their favorite activities? Again, nothing extravagant. Just find a way to bring people together. A little planning and creativity will go a long way.

If you’re still not sure how to have a fundraising benefit that people will get excited about, check out some of our favorite ideas for fundraising events below:

1. Hayden’s Heroes

Raised: $107,650

The organizer of Hayden’s Heroes held a fundraising event at New York City restaurant, Colicchio and Sons – guests had the opportunity to support an extraordinary fundraiser while sampling incredible culinary creations by some of the country’s best chefs. Tickets were limited and cost $250 a pop!

2. Ashley’s dream to hear!

Raised: $13,005

Ashley is a 19 year old who has sensory-neuro hearing loss bilaterally. Her friends and family pulled a few strings to hold an event where they auctioned off an NFL autographed football signed by legendary QB Drew Brees. Raffle tickets were $5 each and the fundraiser’s organizer even convinced a local retailer to help sell raffle tickets!

3. Blessings For Becky

Raised: $5,370

Becky is a 29 year old single mother who was diagnosed with stage 4 Histiocytic Sarcoma. Becky organized a fundraising event at a golf club. Tickets ranged from $10-$15 and the night’s activities included a silent auction, drawings and raffles.

4. Team Nicole

Raised: $39,244

Nicole’s organizers planned an epic cornhole tournament where each team paid a $40 entrance fee. Fees went toward Nicole’s breast cancer treatments, as did 15% of all food sales. The event was a smashing success!

5. Ronai-Going Away Party and Fundraiser

Raised: $9,173 (on GiveForward)

Organizers sold pre-sale and raffle tickets on their GiveForward page and raised more than $12,000 (online and offline combined) to help pay for chemotherapy and radiation treatments for their friend.

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