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Good to Great Fundraising Ideas

Take Your Fundraising to the Next Level

Here are a couple of ideas to provide a big boost to your next fundraiser. Kudos to these fundraisers for finding such great ways to differentiate their fundraisers and give supporters a darn good reason to donate!

Carrying Kamron is a great example of a fundraiser filled with good fundraising ideas

Facebook Idea

Carrying Kamron: Kamron is a 6 year old boy battling brain cancer. His friends and relatives had a great idea to match every Facebook “like” Kamron’s group page received with a $1 donation. Kamron acquired 2,000 likes in 5 days, and sponsors matched the likes with $2,000 in donations. In total, Carrying Kamron raised over $10,000!

Wish List Idea

Support Kayla: When Kayla’s family and friends started a fundraising page to help raise money for Kayla’s battle with bone cancer, they had a very good idea to incorporate a “wish list” in case supporters preferred to donate an item or wanted to give something tangible in addition to their donation. Items on the wish list ranged from a wheelchair and shower bars to dance and piano lessons!

Since Kayla’s fundraiser, GiveForward has launched the Amazon Wish List program to allow a fundraiser’s organizer to embed an Amazon Wish List directly into their fundraising page.

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