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Free Fundraising Ideas

Free Fundraising Ideas

Lemonade for Lydia Fund held a lemonade stand as one of their fundraising ideas

We’ve put together a list of free fundraising ideas that have taken many of the fundraisers on GiveForward to the next level.

Whether you’re looking for simple ideas that can come to life quickly or more creative ones to capture the attention of potential donors and help your fundraiser stand out, we’ve got you covered.

Ideas for Your Next Fundraiser

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GiveForward is a free fundraising website that provides fundraising pages to people looking to raise money for their loved one’s medical expenses. Setting up a fundraising page is completely free and GiveForward only deducts its 7% flat fee if your fundraiser actually raises money. While GiveForward withholds 7% on the amount raised, this is an all-inclusive, one-time fee. From credit card processing fees (2%) to PayPal (3%) to keeping our office lights on to providing the latest technology to help make your fundraiser successful, it’s all included in the 7%.

After lots of excellent feedback from our users, we’ve also now included the option for donors to “donate the fees,” so fundraisers receive the full amount you’ve intended to donate.

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