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Easy and Simple Fundraising Ideas

Getting Started

The success of your fundraiser depends largely on the effort you put in, but getting started doesn’t have to be so complex. Don’t be afraid to start small with easy and simple fundraising ideas.

Keep it simple text emphasizes the power of easy simple fundraising ideas

1. Start Small

Don’t tell your entire network about your fundraiser all at once. Instead, create a fundraiser and first share it only with your closest friends and family. The people closest to the fundraiser’s beneficiary will be most likely to donate and provide some early momentum. Once you’ve secured some early donations, then expand outreach to your broader networks.

Team Nicole is the perfect example of a fundraiser that started small, and then snowballed into a fundraiser with tons of traction. The first 10 donations that came in had an average donation size of $224, which helped set a precedent for future donors who used the early donation amounts as their guide for how much to give.

2. Update Often

Updating supporters is another easy and simple fundraising idea that goes a long way. If you’re raising money for a loved one’s medical expenses, keep people informed of their milestones. If they’ve undergone a successful surgery or returned home from a hospital stay, don’t be afraid to tell people about their progress.

Updates posted on GiveForward show up directly on the fundraising page and are also automatically emailed to any visitors who requested to be kept up-to-date on the status of a friend or family member.

Check out Barb vs. the Big C. for a solid example of how to leverage “updates” to keep your fundraiser’s supporters up-to-date on a beneficiary’s progress.

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