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Cancer Fundraising Ideas

Cancer Fundraiser Ideas

A profile photo for Iolanta Mamatkazina's cancer fundraiser

Cancer fundraisers comprise the largest portion of fundraising we see on GiveForward. Because the disease impacts thousands of families and is commonly associated with high medical bills, we wanted to share some of our favorite fundraisers and their cancer fundraising ideas.

1. Iolanta Mamatkazina

Raised: $46,928

The family and friends of Iolanta united to help with her battle against cancer. The organizers of the fundraiser had the idea to host a “fashion affair event,” where all profits went to Iolanta’s cancer treatment. Additionally, they held a fundraising concert as another excellent idea.

2. IHazCancer

Raised: $70,725

Kevin Griffith and his family had the idea to raise money after he was diagnosed with Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma (ASPS), an incredibly rare cancer with no cure and no clear treatment path. A couple of things Kevin did extremely well:

  • He included a very personal, thorough description telling the story of his cancer, shared his dreams for the future and explained his intended treatment plan in great detail.
  • He also included a list at the bottom of his fundraising page, giving a more detailed breakdown of expenses.

3. Dan Goldman Beating Pancreatic Cancer

Raised: $51,080

Dan Goldman is an amazing husband and father of two little girls who is also battling pancreatic cancer. Joe Callaghan, the fundraiser’s organizer, also wrote a vivid description to give readers and potential donors as much information as possible regarding Dan’s situation and the challenges he’s working to overcome.

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