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The Impact of Personal Fundraising

Personal fundraising is not a new concept—individuals have been giving money to other individuals since money existed. But the rise of the internet and, more recently, the rise of online fundraising platforms has brought about a personal fundraising boom. Turns out, people like helping each other, especially when someone they know and love is having a rough time paying for things like medical expenses.

This is great news, and we want to shout it from the rooftops. At GiveForward, people have raised millions of dollars to help others in need of financial assistance with medical bills, lightening the financial burden for tons of people.

But that’s not all personal fundraising has achieved. By moving to the internet, personal fundraising sites have done two great things for fundraising:

1. Personal fundraising sites have increased a fundraiser’s reach.

By sharing a fundraising page through email, on Facebook and Twitter more people will find out about it, which means more people will donate! Adding team members to a fundraising team will also increase the overall reach of the fundraiser. Think about it: If your friends tell their friends who tell their friends about your fundraiser, soon enough you’ll have a huge network of donors supporting your cause.

2. Personal fundraising sites have helped create a network of support.

Online fundraising pages give people the opportunity to share messages of love and support for their loved ones in need. Whether a loved one is battling an illness and needs help paying medical bills, or wants to raise money to achieve a dream, you can leave a message letting them know you care. This has made a world of difference for personal fundraisers because it encourages the beneficiary to keep going. It sends a message that says, “Keep fighting for that dream!” or “You’re better than that illness!” Many people who’ve started a fundraiser on GiveForward have said that the comments and hugs they receive from their friends and family are almost more important than the financial help they get through donations.

So while personal fundraisers may not be new, online personal fundraisers are definitely here to stay.

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