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Individual Fundraising

5 Things to Know About Individual Fundraising

fundraising for individuals online Individual fundraising, or raising money for a friend, family member, or yourself, is a growing trend in the US and abroad.  Using the Internet and social media tools, anyone can start a fundraiser for a person or a cause they believe in. By starting a fundraising page for an individual, you know exactly where the funds will go.

5 Things to Know About Fundraising for Individuals

       1)      Make a Plan

While you may be tempted to hop on Facebook and share your fundraiser, create a plan first.  We’ve outlined several plans that work when online fundraising.  Spending the time to write a plan before you start can lead to greater success later on.

      2)      Use Your Network

Individual fundraising works best when the individual has strong social groups.  Think about the different groups of people in your life including your family members, friends, church groups, or sports teams.  Reach out to the closest network of supporters first and work your way out.

     3)      Keep it Personal

Fundraising for individuals is all about the people.  Keep all communications personal and unique.  Send out individual emails to your supporters rather than large group emails. It may be more work, but people are more likely to pay attention to an email directly targeted to them.

     4)       Use Social Media

The use of social media and niche website is key to the success of an online fundraiser.  Using Facebook and Twitter, you may be able to reach out to supports that live far away, but still want to contribute.  Engaging with online communities that you are active with can help your individual fundraising effort go viral and reach an even larger audience.

     5)      Stay Persistent

Keep your supporters engaged in your fundraiser by proving regular updates.  Friends and family members may miss an email, so reach out again to them or give them a phone call.  Letting supporters know what you have accomplished so far, will excite them have encourage them to help get you to the goal.

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