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Fundraisers for Individuals

Family hosting fundraisers for individuals

Fundraisers for individuals used to be a rare breed.

Until recently, fundraising was reserved for organizations, to raise money for anything from cancer research to endangered species protection. The money raised through these fundraisers would go to an abstract “body,” which would use the money to further its mission as an organization.

But as the Internet seeped into the cracks of every aspect of society, this traditional fundraising model has evolved from this traditional model to benefit individuals over associations and fundraisers have started making a huge difference in the lives of regular people.

Back to fundraising’s roots

Here’s the definition of a fundraiser according to Merriam-Webster online:

fund–rais·er (noun)

1) a person employed to raise funds

2) a social event (as a cocktail party) held for the purpose of raising funds

Why are we giving you a vocabulary lesson? Because the two most important things we want to emphasize about fundraising for individuals are plain to see in the old-school definition: we’re talking about the words person and social.

Fundraisers are nothing without the people behind them

At GiveForward we call the “person employed to raise funds” a fundraising Team Captain and the person who receives the funds the fundraising recipient.

Nowadays, we keep seeing more people starting fundraisers to help individuals, and with this change in the destination of funds, we’re also seeing a dramatic shift in the dynamic of fundraisers.

Instead of remaining simply a way to raise money, online fundraisers have become a platform for community engagement in support of individuals who are overcoming hardships or striving to achieve something. And we think this is pretty cool.

Social sharing has made fundraisers for individuals more useful

Moving fundraisers online has allowed for huge progress in social sharing capabilities, bringing more traffic to individual fundraisers and also giving fundraisers a novel function: that of creating community.

By allowing users to update their fundraising pages with photos and videos and letting donors post comments sharing words of encouragement, online fundraisers now have the potential to lift spirits as well as raise money. This is a huge leap from what fundraisers were once used for – to fund faceless organizations for causes that, although worthy, often had abstract impacts.

Where GiveForward comes in

We’re here to help if you’re looking for a way to raise money for a friend or loved one in need. Browse our individual fundraisers for examples of some of the extraordinary ways people are using GiveForward to make a profound impact on the lives of the people they care about most. With a few clicks, you could change someone’s whole world.

Whose world will you change?