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Start Your Own Fundraiser!

Starting a fundraiser for a friend or family member is a great way to help raise money and show support. Raise money online to cover medical bills, memorial costs, or out-of-pocket expenses.

Raise money for a friend, a family member or yourself in 3 easy steps.

Step 1:

Create a personalized fundraising page on GiveForward.  Fundraising pages are free to set up and take just a few minutes to create.  Write a description of your fundraiser and upload a photo to personalize your page.

Make sure to explain why you are starting this fundraiser and show your passion! The best descriptions excite and engage your audience.

Step 2:

Share your fundraiser with friends and family members. GiveForward has built-in tools that make sharing on email, Facebook and Twitter a breeze!

GiveForward is the only fundraising website that lets you add team members to help share your fundraiser and allows you to link an Amazon Wish List and fundraise for specific items.

Step 3:

Once your fundraiser reaches its end date, GiveForward will send the funds via PayPal transfer or personal check.

Maintain peace of mind knowing that GiveForward is a secure fundraising site with the latest encryption technology. All information you share is safe.

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