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Financial Resources for Cancer Patients

financial resources for Cancer Patients

Financial Resources for Cancer Patients

The financial costs of cancer are overwhelming and can affect not only the individual, but also the family. With the average out-of-pocket cost for cancer over $1,200 a month, cancer patients often find themselves in financial stress while recovering from the disease.

However, financial assistance and cancer copay assistance exists for those in need. While your doctor or social worker may have a better understanding of what programs you qualify for, ask them about these 4 financial resources.

  • Health Insurance
    Most health insurance plans should cover some of the costs of cancer. Spend time reading through your policy and call human resources or customer service with any questions. Ask if you can be assigned to a case manager who many provide more guidance to your specific needs.
  • Government Programs
    The federal government offers several programs that provide assistance with medical, transportation, and living expenses. Many of the programs are targeted for the elderly or those with low income and benefits may take a while to arrive. Talk to a social worker to see if you qualify.
  • Cancer Co-Pay Assistance
    Various organizations and non-profits offer financial resources to cancer patients who cannot afford to pay insurance premiums, co-payments, deductibles, and other out-of-pocket expenses. Every program will have their own rules and qualifications, so contact each organization and understand what may be available to you.
  • Patient Assistance Programs
    Many cancer patients may not realize pharmaceutical companies have patient assistance programs that provide help for insurance reimbursements, referrals to co-pay assistance programs and help during the application process. Your pharmaceutical company or doctor’s office can provide more details.

Finding financial resources as a cancer patient can be a full time job. Ask a close friend or family member if they can help you navigate the many resources.

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