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Financial Help for Cancer Patients

Financial Help for Cancer Patients

financial help for cancer patientsThe financial costs associated with cancer are often overwhelming. Even with health insurance, many families are left looking for financial help. Start researching your options before a financial crisis develops and always keep an open discussion with doctor about cancer costs.

Government Financial Help for Cancer Patients

There are a number of federal and state programs that may provide financial help to individuals and families. While most government assistance programs are set up for low-income households, each has unique eligibility requirements so check to see if you qualify.
Social Security
Medicare & Medicaid
Department of Health & Human Services
U.S. Administration on Aging
Veterans Administration

Pharmaceutical Assistance Program

Services often differ under pharmaceutical plans but some may include
• Financial help with insurance reimbursement
• Referrals to co-pay relief programs
• Help with the application process
• Discounted or free medication to those that may qualify

Research the website of the drug company that produces your medication to see if it has a patient assistance program. Also, your doctor may be able to prescribe medications that qualify.  Finally, the Partnership for Prescription Assistance has a list of pharmaceutical programs providing financial help for cancer patients.

Non-Profit Financial Help With Cancer Costs

With cancer expenses climbing, many non-profit organizations exist just to assist cancer patients who need financial help. Some organization may assist a specific type of cancer, and each organization will have unique eligibility rules.

Finally, if you find that you do not qualify for current financial programs, consider starting a fundraiser for yourself or for a loved one facing medical bills due to cancer treatment. The funds that you raise can go directly to medical bills or cancer expenses.

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