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How to Set Up a Donation Page

Now that you’ve decided online fundraising is the way to go, you’re ready to set up a GiveForward web page to raise money for your loved ones. In our mission to help make raising money for a loved one in need easier, we put together a few pointers on how to set up a donation page to maximize the number of donations you receive.

How to Set Up A Donation Page on GiveForward

Spend some time on the description of your page and make sure to be specific. We know you want to get your donation page up and running as quickly as possible, but it’s important to make sure you communicate why people should donate to your cause. Make sure you cover the 4 W’s (thanks to how widespread the internet is, ‘where’ is not an issue anymore!):

  • Who is benefiting from this fundraiser? Describe the beneficiary as honestly and completely as you can. Tell people why this person is so great and why he or she deserves to be helped.
  • What is going on? Tell potential donors what problems are facing the beneficiary.
  • When does the fundraiser end? You will set an end date on your donation page, but it doesn’t hurt to reiterate it in your description.
  • Why does the beneficiary need help? This is an important one, and will affect how many people choose to donate. Call on donors directly by letting them know why their contribution is important.
  • How can donors help? This is where you can list specific expenses that the beneficiary needs help paying for. By giving specifics, potential donors can understand exactly what impact their donations will have.

Spruce up your donation page with photos and updates. Make sure the main photo of your beneficiary is high quality and shows off his or her personality—there’s nothing worse than a tiny, pixelated image that doesn’t bear any likeness to the person you’re raising money for. Take the opportunity to really paint a picture of who the beneficiary is through quality photos.

Get your friends together to form a fundraising team; then, divide and conquer. At GiveForward, we’ve noticed that the most successful fundraisers have more than one fundraising team member. When you have a team, you can delegate tasks like posting updates, sending donation request letters to potential donors, running social media, dealing with rewards and writing thank you letters to different members. But aside from simply cutting down how much time and work it takes to keep up a donation page, having a fundraising team greatly increases the number of potential donors for your fundraiser – multiple team members means more and larger networks for outreach.

Wait a few days before sharing your page on social media. The first few days of a fundraiser are critical and can greatly influence how successful your fundraiser will be in the long run. It’s important to make sure you get the most donors when you do share your page on Facebook. Fact: people are more likely to donate if they see others have already donated, so a strategy to increase donations is to make sure you have a few solid donations before you blast your fundraiser over social media channels. Start your fundraiser by sending personal letters to the beneficiary’s closest friends and family. That way you can have a healthy fundraiser even before you share it on social media.

Don’t forget to say thank you. As only one of a million things you need to do when you set up a donation page, saying ‘thanks’ to donors can sometimes get forgotten. But it’s important to show gratitude, because without the kindness and generosity of your donors, this fundraiser wouldn’t be possible. Write an automatic thank you letter to each donor, but try to send handwritten notes or individual emails to each donor if you have time. Human kindness is a beautiful thing, especially when it’s repaid with more human kindness.

Once you’ve checked off all the basics on how to set up a donation page, you’re ready to roll! Follow up with donors and potential donors. And remember, you can’t spell fundraising without fun, so you might as well have a good time while raising a lot of donations for your loved ones!

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