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Crowdsourced Funding

Crowdsourced Funding:  Why it Works!

Crowdsourced funding platforms are increasingly efficient ways to raise funds for an important cause or idea.

When done correctly, crowdsourced fundraising works for 4 main reasons:

Crowd sourced fundraising involves many people  1. It’s a way to share your story, values, and goals.

2. It connects large groups of people and allows them to show support in meaningful ways.

3. Ideas & causes can be easily shared over the internet through social media to build more support outside of your network.

4. Crowdsourced funding doesn’t have to only occur online.  Holding events off line can also raise money.

The success of crowdsourced funding is evident in its dramatic growth in the past few years.  The data below is taken from the  Crowdfunding Industry Report which reviews the trends and growth of the crowdfunding industry.

Crowd sourced fundraising has grown from 100 websites in 2007 to 452 in 2012Crowd sourced fundraising has gone from 1.6 million raised to 2.8 billion











Also, everyone can participate.

Crowd sourced fundraising is 18% Male and 82% female









Finally, Crowdsourced funding can be fun and be tailored to your specific needs.

Just check out these niche sites:

Crowd sourced fundraising niche site  is a crowdfunding website that gathers donations to pay copyright holders to release free editions of their books.


Crowd sourced fundraising niche site is crowdfunding for military veterans and military spouses.

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