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Crowd Funding: A Brief History

Crowd Funding: A Brief Hostory

The internet has made it easy for anyone and everyone to participate in crowd funding.  Early crowd funding efforts can even date back to the 18th century when writers and musicians gathered money from many investors to publish large pieces of work.

The most recent development in modern day crowd funding can be summed up in a few key dates.

Summer 1997

Fans of the British rock group Marillion raise nearly $60,000 through small donations over the web to crowd fund an entire U.S. music tour.

December 2004

French entrepreneurs and producers  Benjamin Pommeraud and Guillaume Colboc use an internet donation campaign to raise funds for a short science fiction film Demain la Veille.  They raise $50,000 in 3 weeks through crowd funding.

Fall 2006

The term ‘crowd funding’ is coined to describe the concept of many small donations being gathered together to fund large projects.

August 2008

GiveForward launches after its co-founder can’t find a meaningful way to help families affected by Hurricane Katrina.  The crowd funding website is launched as a way for people to give directly to people and causes they care about.

April 2009

Kickstarter launches its website allowing entrepreneurs to raise funds for projects and business ideas.

October 2010

Kevin Lawton and Dan Marom publish The CrowdFunding Revolution: Social Networking meets Venture Funding, the 1st book about the crowdfunding phenomena.

May 2010

GiveForward becomes the 1st crowd funding website for personal medical fundraising.

April 2012

President Barack Obama signed the JOBS act, a piece of legislation lifting a previous band preventing private companies to raise funds through public solicitations.


Today, there are more than 500 crowdfunding platforms all over the world that facilitate crowd funding for various causes.

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