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Best Crowdfunding Sites on the Web

Looking for the best crowdfunding sites on the web?

With so many crowdfunding websites out there, it can be hard to determine which one will fit your needs and help you raise the most money.

Here are 4 things to consider before deciding which site is best for you:

1. Toolscrowdfunding site should have facebook and twitter buttons

Take a look at the resources and tools your crowdfunding website offers.  The best crowdfunding website will have social tools to assist in sharing your fundraiser on social media.  Make sure the website has Facebook and Twitter applications as well as an easy way to share via email. With new social media sites popping up daily, it isn’t necessary to have every tool, but make sure there are buttons for the ones you use daily.

Look for a library of additional resources, too.  Some crowdfunding sites focus soley on raise money; thus, their audiences are onlye seeking donations.  The best websites, however, have strong, supportive networks of past users and current fundraiser.  These sites provide blog posts about different medical and fundraising topics.

2. Customer Service

Check to see if the people behind the website are accessible.  Do they have email addresses, a live chat, a phone line, or all three?  Because friends and family members will be donating money online, it is very important that you feel the website and the team behind it are honest, responsible, and legitimate.

Additionally, top crowdfunding websites go beyond regular customer service and offer personal fundraising coaches.  If you are new to online fundraising, or would like additional help and ideas, make sure to find a site that staffs coaches.

best crowdfunding sites have small fees3. Fees

Most crowdfunding sites charge fees.  Normal fees for personal fundraising sites range from 7% to 12%.  Any website charging a fee over 20% should be a red flag.

Additionally, some sites charge varying flat fees that appear low, but also charge a credit card processing fee on top.  Make sure the fee is clearly stated and easy to understand for you and your donors.

The fee is usually a 50/50 split between the credit card fees and operating costs of the organization.  By charging a small operating expense, the website is able to pay for the web domain, staff, and continue to help more people crowdfund online.

Please note that while some websites may appear to have a 0% fee, they often solicit an automatic “tip” on each transaction that can be upwards of 8% to 10%!

4. Ease of Use

If the crowdfunding website is difficult to use or understand, choose a different site.  Before you start a fundraiser, navigate through the website. Does it make sense to you? Do you like how the pages look? Can you easily update and edit the information? The best crowdfunding websites make you want to spend time on the page and learn more!

Overall, finding the best crowdfunding website is often a matter of personal tastes, but make sure to review these 4 items before starting your fundraiser.

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