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Cancer Benefit Ideas

3 Cancer Benefit Ideas for Your Next Fundraiser

3 profile photos from our most clever cancer benefit fundraisers

One of the best ideas to increase your fundraiser’s success is to find ways to engage donors both online and offline. Many of our successful cancer fundraisers have also come up with clever cancer benefit ideas in the form of offline events. We’d like to share a few of our favorites that we’ve seen to date.

1. Think Pink for Estany

Raised: $7,505

The friends and family of Estany Rivera started a fundraiser on her behalf after Estany was diagnosed with breast cancer. Their goal: to cover Estany’s medical bills not covered by insurance. To supplement their GiveForward fundraising page, Estany’s loved ones hosted an offline benefit that included food, karaoke and live music at one of their favorite Chicago restaurants!

2. Knocking Pins Down for Judy

Raised: $4,195

The friends and family of Judy King raised money to help with her battle against stage 4 Melanoma. In November 2012, they hosted a “Bowl-A-Thon.” People came out, came together and bowled their hearts out in honor of Judy. It was an excellent benefit idea that gave donors an opportunity to show their support offline as well.

3. HELP Annie Walton Teter fight Breast Cancer

Raised: $3,568

Friends of Annie Walton-Teter raised money to help in her fight against breast cancer. Annie’s friends took their idea to the beach: they organized a “Learn to Surf” benefit where people came out, learned to surf and all proceeds went to helping pay Annie’s medical bills. They offered a couple of different dates in order to get the best turn out possible!

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