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Letters to GiveForward

Letters to GiveForward

What can GiveForward give you? Many of our GiveForward users have gotten in touch with us after their fundraisers to let us know how we’ve helped. The letters to GiveForward ranged from lists of everything that GiveForward has helped the user pay for, to a simple “y’all, thank you”. Not only have these letters encouraged us to keep making GiveForward the best and easiest place for community support, but they’ve let us know that we are providing a useful tool in rallying that support. Whether the goal of the support is to be financial, emotional, or just signing up to provide a meal.

GiveForward not only provides a way for people to rally their communities to help each other out, but we care about your success as well! We want each GiveForward Page to be as successful as possible! Our goal is to inspire people to continue paying it forward, whether that’s sending a quick “thinking of you” or donating a few dollars to help a friend out. We love helping people, and love providing a way for others to help out as well! So, whether you’re creating a fundraiser or comforting a friend in need, we hope that you keep giving forward.

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