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Breast Cancer Donations

Breast Cancer Donations: Where does the money go?

If you are like most Americans you’ve probably made a donation to some breast cancer organization.  Purchasing pink, walking for a cure, and many other fundraisers may seem like a great way to support the cause- but where do those donations go?

First, it is important to realize that many breast cancer organizations are helping women and furthering research.  Check out the website of any organization you want to support and read their missions statement.  Learn more about the programs or services they offer and even chat with women who have benefited from breast cancer donations and services.

A Pink ribbon doesn't away mean a donation It is important to know that some fraudulent organizations can easily cloak themselves with official sounding names, asking for breast cancer donations that only fund salaries.  For instance, the pink ribbon, often associated with breast cancer awareness, is not regulated, and can end up nearly any item for sale.  While you may think a percentage of pink ribbon purchases will be donations to breast cancer research, that may not be the case.  Do your research and make sure the packaging states where the proceeds will go.

Before you make a breast cancer donation, check that the organization you are supporting is legitimate. Review websites like the American Institute of Philanthropy or  Charity Navigator which monitor charity organizations and educate donors.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure that an organization spends at least 75% of their budget on program expenses, expenses that go directly to funding breast cancer awareness, research, or prevention.  The best breast cancer organizations have administrative expenses of less than 15%.

Michele raised almost $4,000 for her breast cancer treatment through online donationsFinally, understand that donations don’t always have to go to a large organization.  The rise of crowdfunding websites has allowed individual people to gather donations for breast cancer treatment or expenses for people battling the disease.  If you would like your donation to go directly to an individual, consider donating to a personal breast cancer fundraiser.

Researching each and every breast cancer charity can mean sifting through thousands of websites.  Find an organization or individual you can support and make a donation knowing you are making a difference.

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