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Breast Cancer Fundraising

12 Fundraisers that Work!

Starting a breast cancer fundraising event can be a fun and fulfilling way to support a loved one battling breast cancer, raise money for further research or just increase awareness.

An offline event is also a good way to complement an online fundraiser, to raise the maximum amount of money.

Holding your own event can allow you to focus your fundraiser and highlight what you are most passionate about, while also providing a fun way to rally your community and spend time with friends.

Try out these bold ideas for your next breast cancer fundraising event:

Friends pose for breast cancer fundraising run

1. Run for Breast Cancer

There are plenty of marathons, 5Ks and walks in numerous cities across the US that raise money for breast cancer. Find one near you and gather a team of runners and supporters. Make sure to pick an event that is scheduled far enough in advance to give you time to raise donations – and to get in shape!

Some races ask that you raise donations before the run, while others include a donation to a breast cancer organization in the admission price. You can also host a pasta benefit the night before your race to raise additional funds.

2. Use Your Birthday for Good

Hold a birthday party, but in lieu of gifts, ask that your friends and family donate to a breast cancer organization of your choice. A good tip for increasing donations is to ask each guest to donate the same amount of money as your age!

3. Donate your Talents

Maybe you are a world-class closet organizer, or maybe you know how to professionally wash a car or are an expert manicurist. Why not offer your services in exchange for donations?

Pink cupcakes for breast cancer fundraising event

4. Bake for a Cause

Sometimes it pays to go back to basics, like your classic bake sale. Bake some delicious pink treats to sell at sporting events or in front of well-trafficked areas. Get a little unconventional with pink lemonade pound cake or pink red velvet cake pops to make your bake sale stand out.

5. Pink Rose Fundraising Event

Consider partnering with a local florist to hold a breast cancer fundraising event around Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day. Ask that in return for promoting their business and spreading the word, they donate a percentage of all pink roses sold to your fundraiser.

6. Craft Sale

Get creative and make some of your Pinterest pins come to life by organizing a craft sale. Make the event social by inviting friends over to craft together then sell your wares to breast cancer supporters and survivors. Keep the theme of pink by making pink beaded bracelets or pink ribbon keychains.
pink wreath for breast cancer fundraising

7. Pink Champagne Breakfast

Contact a local restaurant and host a themed adult breakfast event. Ask the restaurant to donate a portion of the ticket price to your fundraiser. To raise even more money, eliminate the middleman and host the breakfast in your own home! Remember to include a pink drink in honor of breast cancer awareness along with your home-cooked meal.

8. Hold a Raffle

Try to find a desirable, fairly expensive item that can be donated to your cause – the best way to do this is to ask friends or businesses near you. Then, sell tickets to the raffle at a concert, college event or online.

If you’re having trouble finding a donated item, you can organize a 50/50 raffle instead, where 50% of the money raised goes to the winner and the other 50% is donated to your fundraiser.

9. Fundraise Online for Breast Cancer

Online fundraising has seen huge growth in recent years. Creating your own online fundraising page on a platform like GiveForward can make it possible to receive donations from friends and family across the world.

Make sure to provide regular updates about your fundraising progress and build a larger audience by sharing your breast cancer fundraiser on Facebook and Twitter.

10. Throw a Concert

Gather some musically gifted friends or local music groups in your city and organize a concert fundraiser. Sell tickets to the event and ask for extra donations at the door. Remember to take a moment to remind guests to keep spreading breast cancer awareness.

11.  Have a Lingerie Sale

Get a little risqué while raising awareness with a charity lingerie event. Have a few ladies over for wine and an evening of shopping. Many online fundraising websites have items that can be purchased at wholesale. Donate the proceeds and use the opportunity to talk about preventative measures.

12. Think Small

Don’t fret about having a large breast cancer fundraising event. Even the smallest of donations can go a long way to support the cause, or an individual in need!

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