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Our Values

1. Cultivate Through Compassion

GiveForward is more than just a website, what sets up apart is the way our team provides support to our customers in every way possible.  The GiveForward team’s goal is to consistently surprise people with unexpected gifts of humor, compassion and humanity.  We want to provide a user experience that far exceeds expectations and leaves customers feeling like they have made a connection with our team.  Every day we strive to be authentically compassionate and treat every interaction with a user as an opportunity to make that person’s day just a tiny bit better.

Rule: Hug a customer every day.

2. Take Fun Seriously

There is more to work than just work.  Work should be fun.  GiveForward supports the following: hugs and high fives (both real and virtual); all forms of shenanigans and general hi-jinks; ugly sweater pub crawls; boisterous celebration and gratuitous merrymaking.

Rule: Do one thing a day that makes you smile.  Do one thing a day that brings a smile to someone else in the office.

3. Authenticity is King

Every single action we take at GiveForward must be authentic.  We believe that genius comes from being one’s self.  It is only when people try to conform that their brilliance becomes hidden.  We value individualism and open-mindedness and encourage all GiveForward team members to let their personalities shine through.  That is when brilliance happens.  As Oscar Wilde once said “Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken.”

Rule: Be yourself everyday.

4. Be The CEO Of Your Position

Our biggest asset at GiveForward is our people. We can only operate at full capacity if everyone is empowered to use their brains. We will never penalize anyone for making a mistake. But we will penalize for not taking enough risks. GiveForward is growing rapidly, and it can only continue if our entire team is forward-thinking and continuously looking for ways to improve every part of the company.

Rule: Ask for forgiveness, not permission.

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