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68 pages have raised $190,139

This year GiveForward is rallying the Chicago tech community to create some unexpected joy for local, Chicago families. Below are the families being helped by this year's awesome class of Tech the Hall companies.

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Chicago Families Being Helped

  • The Fight to be Nancy

    $33,161 raised of $50,000

    The family and friends of Nancy Lundquist are uniting to raise money to help her and her family through this difficult time.

  • Mike Assaf

    $27,939 raised of $50,000

    Please help Mike Assaf as he strikes back against Pancreatic Cancer!

  • Kent's Road to Recovery

    $19,479 raised of $50,000

    The family and friends of Kent are uniting to raise money to help ease the financial burden he faces, as he fully focuses on his recovery.

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How GiveForward works

  1. Create a page

    Set a goal, share your story, update your supporters.

  2. Spread the word

    Tell friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

  3. Receive funds

    The GiveForward payment process is quick, easy, and customizable so the Beneficiary can get the help they need, when they need it. GiveForward does have a small transaction fee. To learn more, visit their fees section.