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17 pages have raised $2,376

Shared Sorrows has partnered with GiveForward, a service that enables friends and family to contribute to a loved one's funeral expenses. Below are some families who have used GiveForward to help cover a loved one's funeral costs.

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Top fundraisers

  • Help SandyHook Victims

    $1,386 raised of $50,000 has established a CareFund through which donations can be made to assist the victims of this tragedy.

  • ruth's funeral fund

    $490 raised of $5,000

    On Friday 8-8-14 we lost ruth unexpectedly to cancer. It was to soon for us. She will be greatly missed.Thank you.

  • Ryan McPhetridge

    $280 raised of $2,500

    The family and Friends of Ryan McPhetridge are coming together to raise money to help with their funeral costs.

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How GiveForward works

  1. Create a page

    Set a goal, share your story, update your supporters.

  2. Spread the word

    Tell friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

  3. Receive funds

    The GiveForward payment process is quick, easy, and customizable so the Beneficiary can get the help they need, when they need it. GiveForward does have a small transaction fee. To learn more, visit their fees section.