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William’s Battle with Lymphoma Story

William and his two daughters

Samantha’s father, William, was diagnosed with lymphoma, and she opened up about his lymphoma story and what their family has been going through since his diagnosis. Samantha started at the beginning of the story, sharing her father’s diagnosis, “My dad went to the ER at the hospital I work. After being there a few hours he was admitted to the hospital. The doctors put in for tests to be run on my dad. As we sat in the hospital room waiting for any kind of news, a doctor came in and told us from the test results, he was confident it was lymphoma. My dad, step mom, and I sat in silence for what seemed like a lifetime. We looked at each other and started to cry. All I could think of at that moment was, why my dad, whats going to happen, how is he going to cope with this news. I was angry, scared, confused, sad, and wanted to take my dads pain away.”

Samantha, William, and their family have been dealing with a lot. Like many families who face cancer, there are many emotional and financial hardships that accompany this disease. Samantha shared her difficulties when facing this cancer with her father, “The biggest hardship for me was knowing my dad would have to quit working while going through his treatment, and my dad is the sole provider for him and his wife. I have seen how much stress this has put on him, on top of having to worry about where their next meal and other necessities will come from. Knowing there isn’t a lot I can do to help.”

When dealing with these hardships, it’s important that a support system is present as well. Dealing with cancer and all that it brings causes an endless supply of stress, so people supporting you can make a world of difference. Samantha shared the support that she and her father receive during this time, “Our family has been the greatest comfort and support. Simply being there for him, being able to be around him and put a smile on his face, or hear him laugh.”

Finally, Samantha provided advice for others, others who are dealing with cancer in their family. She shared, “A piece of advice I would like to pass on is to stay positive, this is a tough time on its own. Being positive and uplifting, and live for today can make a world of difference. My dad has always been a strong, and determined, proud man. Being diagnosed with cancer took away his independence, his voice. When people see him they don’t see William, they now see him as a cancer patient, delicate, and sick. We have made sure to give him a bit of independence by letting him do things around the house or simply asking for his help. Simply donating to my dad’s fundraiser has been the best thing, knowing there are so many generous people that are willing to help. All of my dad’s doctors and nurses have been amazing, kind, and helpful in every aspect of this journey, helping him find every available resource.”

If you would like to learn more about William’s story, you can check out his GiveForward page here.

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