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WePay Donations is a safe and secure payment service provider similar to PayPal or Amazon Payments.  GiveForward uses WePay as our payment provider so we can provide the very best user experience at the lowest cost possible.  Additionally by using WePay Donations, users are now able to withdrawal funds in real-time- allowing you to access the money you raise when you need it.

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GiveForward is a WePay Donations partner that can help you raise money for a loved one in need. Opening in 2008, we have helped thousands of families raise over $80 million dollars for loved ones.  Many of our fundraisers focus on helping individuals pay for medical expenses, but we also host many fundraisers for funeral or memorial expenses, disaster and fire relief and pet bills.

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Starting a GiveForward fundraising page is safe and secure, just like WePay donation buttons. GiveForward also equips all fundraisers with a donation widget, similar to WePay donation buttons, that can be placed on any site on the web.  Additionally, starting a GiveForward fundraising page is a great way to share someone’s story and rally support.

GiveForward fundraising pages integrate seamlessly with email and social media, allowing you to reach a wide audience.  Additionally, starting a page is free, and every page has a dedicated fundraising coach to assist you during your fundraisers. From setting up your page to tips on how best to share it, our coaches are a large part of the reason fundraisers on GiveForward raise more money than other online medical crowdfunding sites and donation buttons.

If you’re looking for an alternative to a WePay donation button, please learn more about GiveForward or review the success others have had on our site. We’d be honored to help you raise money for a loved on in need.

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