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Change a veteran’s life this Veterans Day

Weeks of Giving - Veterans Day

Every Veterans Day, we reflect on the sacrifices the members of our military have made to protect our rights and freedom. This Veterans Day, there’s a personal and direct impact we can all make in supporting our veterans who are facing challenges.

Even after their military service, many veterans experience threats to their health and safety. Today, there are hundreds of veterans on GiveForward who are dealing with devastating diagnoses, rebuilding after emergencies, and serving as caregivers for the people they love.

Here are a few veterans who can use our help this Veterans Day:

 Donate to Arabia1) Arabia Darensburg

Arabia joined the Marines and Army in the 90s. While on active duty, he learned he has FSGS, a disease that leads to kidney failure.

In 2002, doctors put Arabia on dialysis and he received a kidney transplant from his brother. Unfortunately, Arabia learned that his FSGS returned last year, so his community’s raising money for a second transplant to save his life.


Donate to Lelah2) Lelah Zemke

Lelah is a dedicated mom, friend, naval veteran and nurse.

In early 2014, Lelah was caring for a patient in the ER of Bostford Hospital. When the patient decided to jump off her gurney, Leah caught the woman and injured her back. As a result of her injury, Lelah’s endured multiple surgeries and fainting episodes. Insurance will not cover all of Lelah’s expenses, so she and her family lost their home and moved in with her in-laws.


Donate to Alex3) Alex Vasques, Jr.

Alex has served our country both in the 82nd Airborne Division of the U.S. Army and as a wildland firefighter.

This year, Alex knew there was something wrong when he started experiencing difficulty swallowing. Alex hoped to recover by the start of fire season, but received a devastating diagnosis instead: stage four stomach cancer. Now, at a time when he’s typically earning extra income, Alex is fighting for his life.


Veterans like Shawn, Lelah, and Alex have sacrificed so much to make our lives less stressful. As they cope with unexpected challenges this Veterans Day, donate to give them hope and express your gratitude for their service.

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