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Wedding Wishes!

Nolan and Morgan’s wedding wishes being fulfilledWe first learned of Nolan and Morgan’s wedding wishes earlier this year. If you aren’t familiar with their story, it’s truly remarkable, and we’d highly recommend watching their beautiful wedding video. It’s such a heartfelt story of family and friends coming together to throw Nolan and Morgan the wedding of their dreams.

If you or a loved one is going through a similar situation, Nolan and Morgan’s story might lead to questions. How were they able to plan a wedding during such a difficult time? How could they afford a wedding while dealing with a terminal illness? How can I, similarly, give a loved one the wedding wishes of their dreams?

If these questions resonate with you, please know that you’re not alone. While illness can put dreams on hold and force us to change plans, one extraordinary organization is trying to change this, one wedding wish at a time.

Meet Wish Upon a Wedding: the world’s first nonprofit wedding wish granting organization.

Wish Upon a Wedding is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that provides free-of-charge weddings and vow renewals to couples facing terminal illness and serious life altering circumstances, regardless of sexual orientation. The Wish Upon a Wedding organization was created to celebrate the courage, determination and spirit of these couples by granting their dream wedding wishes. Our hope is that chosen recipients can inspire other couples facing similar situations to find hope and strength.

Kelly & Veronica's wedding wishes being fulfilled.We allow couples facing serious life-altering circumstances to concentrate on the issues affecting their lives.  From the venue to the cake, and most everything between, we take care of all the wedding planning and details.

“Wedding wishes” are meant to be an intimate affair, where marriage is celebrated, and love takes center stage. In a special ceremony dedicated solely to them, our couples pronounce their ever-lasting love to one another, surrounded by their closest family and friends.

It is our hope that we can provide strength and courage to those facing similar situations, while celebrating the eternal commitment of marriage.

Who Qualifies for a Wedding Wish?

Wedding wishes are granted with priority given to couples facing terminal illness (prognosis of under 5 years). However a limited number of “special circumstance” wedding wishes may also be granted each year, based on the individual chapter’s available resources. (Examples of possible “special circumstances” would be seriously injured military service members, or other extreme hardships).

Couples must be over the age of 18, and citizens of the United States.

What to Expect

Our Wish Recipients must understand that while we do our best to accomplish their visions, some items may not be included. Wishes may take place any day of the week (including Monday-Friday) based on the availability of our Wish Granters.  To keep things easy for our Wish Granters and volunteers, the RSVP count must not exceed 50 guests. Above all, Wish Recipients agree to let Wish Upon a Wedding do the planning for them, so they can sit back and relax, knowing that they are in good hands.

Learn more about Wish Upon a Wedding, apply online or learn how to be a Wish Granter.

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