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Using Humor in Online Fundraising

At GiveForward, one of our values is to “take fun seriously.” Sure, this idea applies to intraoffice hijinks and dramatic readings from Bad Joke Cat. However, our team also finds constant inspiration in the senses of humor found on our online fundraisers. In situations that bring tears and pain, it’s refreshing to see an organizer highlight her beneficiary’s personality to engage donors.

Here are three easy ways to use humor in online fundraising:

  1. Choose a memorable title for your fundraising page that will make visitors smile. Oftentimes, an effective way to do this is by creating an alliterative title, but you could also try to employing pun. Take, for example, Live LUNG and Prosper, a title that showcases both Cami’s sense of humor and her community’s hope.
  2. In your fundraiser’s description, tell an entertaining story about your beneficiary that highlights her sense of humor. On Help Jennie Beat Cancer!, Misty Kidd explains how her friend, Jennie Watrous, “decided to embrace the opportunity to change her look every day” by posting weekly hairstyle updates on Facebook during chemo treatments. Jennie even hosted a “Jen’s Wigging Out” party where guests brought wigs to add to her collection!
  3. Aside from the text in your online fundraiser, photos are great ways to instantly display someone’s sense of humor and positive attitude. After his doctor ordered he limit his sugar intake, Randy Pate joked by posing with an oversized Hershey’s bar. Showing the beneficiary’s smile in the face of adversity will motivate supporters to give.

When facing difficult diagnoses and circumstances, an online fundraiser can emphasize someone’s sense of humor and positive attitude. Using your title, description, and photos to convey humor can inspire visitors to remain hopeful and support your beneficiary.

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