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Update Your Fundraising Page!

Donors and supporters love to know how the beneficiary is doing and how your fundraiser has been progressing! A great way to keep everyone in-the-know is by adding an “Update” to your fundraising page! An “Update” is a place where you can tell everyone how the beneficiary is doing, or thank everyone at once for all their love and support!

Something to keep in mind: Fundraisers who keep their donors and supporters up-to-date make on average $3,800. Fundraisers without any updates raise on average $1,300. Updates can even act as a reminder to some supporters who haven’t donated yet of how important their donation is. Are you ready to make one? Let’s get started!


Updates Tab from overview


1.  Sign in with your GiveForward account to get to your Dashboard. Click the “Updates” tab on the left side of the screen.

Update Tab (actual update)


2.  From here, you can see where to enter an interesting title to capture your supporters’ attention! Be sure to be in a great description in the Message box =)

Updates (checkboxes to share)

3.  Once you are all done writing the Update, be sure to click the boxes to post it to Facebook and Email your Supporters.  Don’t forget to add a picture too! Pictures can be a fun addition to any Update!


Updates (actually post)

4. Finished? Click on “Post update” and you’re all done!  The Update will be emailed to all your supporters and anyone who have “hugged” your page.   It will also show up on your fundraiser page.


It’s that easy!

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